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I'm building a new unit for mostly photoshop and video use. I already have the Intel 2600K and plan on 16GB ram and a 220GB SSD. I will only have one video card, probably the GTX 570. Trying to figure what motherboard. I will have 4 HD's so optimum connection for them is more important than sli which I won't be using. On the MB I'm not looking to scrimp but don't want to spend extra for features I won't use.
Any help from the more experienced here is greatly appreciated!

PS: Any suggested compatible ram would be a bonus but I could always go to the compatible ram specs for whatever board I end up with. Thanks.
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    if you dont mind overclocking from bios instead of UEFI,this is USB 3.0 GALORE
  2. Thanks, Those two are two I've been looking at trying to figure if the higher end board would be worth it. Having the extra USB 3 support would probably be good down the road as USB 3 becomes more common. Should be deciding by tomorrow night and get this order in.
  3. instead of the vanilla P*P67 board (which some people have had some issues with) why not go with the ASRock P67extreme4 board?

    Great price/performance on the board and has the efi bios..Quality is up there this time around with ASrock..and you get sli/crossfire as well, unlike the P8P67

    Besides that, the best board to get for the money and features is also the P8P67 Deluxe board :

    This board is basically the sweet spot for the platform and is well worth the cash as well...if usb 3.0 is important to you...the deluxe comes with the accessory for cases without usb 3.0 support

    This is some great ram for the board also..
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