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So, I am having a problem with my media harddrive, the computer it was connected to got messed up pretty bad, and now when I try to connect it to a new computer, the new computer cannot recognize it at all. The hard drive makes a sound like it is trying to startup and connect, makes the same noise seven or eight times in a row, and gives up. I tried a free version of a pay program and it did show an extra 3rd drive connected to the computer.

Anyone know exactly what is going on here, or have any suggestions as to how to fix it? There were some personal things on there as well as media and I would like to not lose it all, but if it is unrecoverable I would like to just cut my losses and reuse the drive as it is a nice drive. If $20 would solve the problem I would gladly pay it. Thanks! :sol:
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    Sounds like the drive is dead to me. You can likely take it to a local computer repair center, and they will probably be able to tell you if the data is retrievable. You will not be able to use the drive to retrieve the files or for anything else if it is actually bad.
  2. thanks! had not thought of taking it to a repair center.
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