Windows 7 hangs on boot up.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit installed on my main HDD which is a Hitachi 500Gb Sata drive. Windows boots fine and everything works fine. However, I acquired a Seagate 1.5TB sata hard drive. There is windows installed on it. I am not trying to boot from that drive. Only from MY main drive. I select my drive to boot first, and loading windows hangs about half way thru. Left it running for awhile. BIOS does see both drives. I really would like access to it, close to 400gigs worth of movies and such.

The drive I'm trying to access was taken out of a friends pc, that he fried the mobo. I could access it from another pc, that had an ide HD as the main drive. But no longer have access to that pc.

When I built this pc I only had the one drive.
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    Boot an Ubuntu live CD with both HDD's installed. Then copy all the stuff off the second HDD somewhere and format it. Reboot into 7. Problem solved.
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    On your MB, make sure your main Win-7 HDD is on one of the earliest Sata ports, like SATA_0, and this larger driver is on SATA_1 or SATA_2.
    Then in the BIOS, check to see that the Win-7 HDD is Disk0, and the larger drive is Disk1 or Disk2. Also since both have OS's on them, make sure the Win-7 drive is 1st in the boot order. (first choice of the hard drives listed).

    That should let it boot up to Win-7 without having the boot files on the larger drive interfere.
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