CPU temp worries me.

I was playing Mafia 2 on high settings and my CPU reached 60c after about 30min. I was wondering if that seems high since it's not OC'd? The CPU is a AMD Athlon II X3 440.
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  1. 60C is perfectly normal on load. Whats your ambient temps?
    Start worrying when it hits 75C, though CPUs can even stand temps like 80C without a big problem.
  2. Not sure what my ambient temp is in my room but I do always have a fan on me at my desk and the computer tower is on a hardwood floor. I'm just worried because I use speedfan to monitor my temps and when the core temp goes above 50c a little fire icon appears next to the temp reading which worries me.
  3. If you are worried I can tell you AMD heatsinks are notorious for being abit.. bad, well not notorious but they're not great, the intels aren't amazing either.
    So if you're really concerned you can always replace the heatsink with a nice coolermaster I suggest with the same dimensions as your current heatsink. But you're acceptable temp wise as you know.
  4. the fire icon in speedfan means that your idle temps shouldn't be this high. 60C load is nothing to worry about and there no need to buy a aftermarket heatsink.

    BTW, AMD heatsinks are actually decent, Its the Intel pushpins that's notoriously annoying and bad.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I'll just leave well enough alone for now unless I start to see anything acting funny.
  6. See if there are settings in speed fan to raise notifaction temp. Core Temp is another cpu temp monitor.
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