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Hi, Does anyone know if there are ways to connect pcs using maybe a special kind of box to connect things to to run on one chosen hard-drive (one os) but use all the CPUs, memory, graphics; just main computing components together coopratively.
I realise there must have to be something you have to do to have the cpus working at the same processes, I just don't know how, I haven't seen anyone doing this so I wonder if it is possible.
Bad category I know :(
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  1. Under Linux you can run a cluster.
    I have been looking into Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron and using Oscar Cluster software.
    Google Oscar cluster.
    Download a Hardy Heron Live Cd (bootable).
    Be prepared to spend months learning Linux.
    Hardware would be onboard Nic with a PCI nic to run to cluster preferably 1 gigabit NICs with a 1 gigabit hub/switch.
    Be prepared to spend alot of time on Wikipedia and Google.
    Check distributed computing under applications forum here for more advice.
    It is not simple.
    It is fun.
    Good luck.
  2. Thanks very much, I'll be sure to try it :D
  3. The application will need to support distributed computing as well. Most 3D rendering software supports it because there's simply not enough computing power in one system to do the work. Some compilers also support it. Most other applications don't have the same demand for computing power and/or do not scale well enough with more processors to benefit and so don't have this native support for distributed workloads.
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