Weird problem with display the got worse

Ok, so I was sitting on my computer just watching a youtube video and out of nowhere my whole computer froze. The sound, the display, couldn't move my mouse, etc. I manually restarted and went back into windows. Same thing happened after about 3-5 minutes. Turned it back on, went back into windows, crashed again, but at the end of the crash everything became pixelated and red/black, then directly after, BSOD. Went into safe mode fine, updated graphics, ran virus scan, restarted and at the desktop i was getting artifacts. Right then I was almost sure it was my video card going. Next time I restarted I couldnt even get into windows, right after it was done loading, instant BSOD. Then after this next restart, I went into safe mode and I had artifacts as well. Didn't know what to do so I turned it off, came back after a while, started it up, and was getting artifacts in POST (i think that's what it's called). I'm pretty good with computers and I am almost sure it is my video card going but I just wanted to get anyone elses knowledge on this type of situation.

GPU: 8600gt
RAM: Corsair XM3 4gb
CPU: AMD Phenom II 965

Also, I'm thinking my video card fried because the temps get pretty hot even idle. (68-75 idle) 90+ in game.
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  1. Yes, those temps are too high for 8600GT...
    make sure you have good airflow inside your case, re-apply the thermal paste might help...
  2. Yeah I have great airflow, Antec 1200. I just don't want to get a new video card if it isn't the source of the problem. Thanks though.
  3. Oh and by the way, whenever I try to get into windows, it just stops on the Starting Windows screen with artifacts flickering. I have to manually restart/shut down. Would a fried/bad video card cause that? Kind of confused.
  4. then try your card in another computer, if the same problem exist then it probably your card is dying...
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