Moved into new house, PC not booting

Hi all,

Just recently moved out of college into my first place and tried to power up my PC. The front panel power led flashes and the case and cpu fans startup for a second then power down. The motherboard power LED remains lit while the system is plugged in.

I figured the PSU had somehow been damaged during the move, so I took it home to troubleshoot, plug it in and it fired right up no problems.

This led me to believe the circuit/outlet at my new place is faulty, however all my other components (monitor, printer, laptop) run just fine off it. I used a outlet circuit test, and everything checked out. Still not working.

As a last attempt, I grabbed an APC backup battery unit from home and tried that. Still same symptoms.

Is it possible that the APC cannot supply enough power to my system. My specs are:

AMD Athlon 64 3800
Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
2 GB Cosair RAM
565W Energymax SLI Ready PSU

Any suggestions/comments are appreciated
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  1. What UPS do you have? If it's labeled as a 300w for example, probably won't run your system.

    If your PC is not working in new place, but is in old, it's entirely possible that the wiring in new place has issues, or that it's not wired to supply enough current.

    Try a different socket in new place if you haven't already. If issue persists call an electrician.
  2. Thanks for reply,

    I was using a 180W UPS, I've never owned/used a UPS before so I'm not sure if a 565W system will not run at all on a lower wattage UPS or just not be properly battery backed up.

    I have not tested the outlet for voltage consistancy or current, and I am renting the place, so I don't know the wiring.

    I guess my next step is to break out a multimeter and test the outlet.

    Would something like a line conditioner help my problem?

    Do a UPS with proper power output say 1000W preform the line conditioning I need?

    thanks again for the help
  3. A 180 W PSU won't run your system. UPS measure wattage a little differently than what it actually is, so it's actually less than that being provided by battery. Anyway, it's amperage that matters, and a 180w PSU isn't gonna deliver the needed.

    First try other sockets in the place. If issues is consistent, then tell super to call in an electrician to test the wiring.

    If the place has wiring issues, no UPS is gonna help you out.
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