MSI 5770 Hawk Dead?


My Brand new MSI 5770 hawk isn't working now.

I have a MSI Nforce 570 K9 PLATINUM SLI, BIOS 1.0B (2008) with a 2.6 Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 89W, Thermaltake TR2 500W PSU, and 4GB PC 6400 DDR2 CORSAIR 800 MHZ in dual channel mode.

The problem is that my card worked for 3 days only! All was fine until i left my computer all night turned on, the computer entered Sleep mode and it didn't start again, I never overclocked it by the way, in fact i didn't need it because my cpu bottlenecked the card so bad.

Actually when i turn on the pc the card fans spins at 100% and won't boot, the screen is black and no bios screen at all. I tried to put the card on my friends computer and the same error, max spinning fans but nothing happens.

All the connectors are plugged in and ok and i'm starting to think that the card is failing badly.

Please can u give me some ideas? or shall i return it to the seller without trying anything.

Thanks guys!
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  1. RMA it.
  2. Me I'd return it and if it's a sapphire never buy that krap.
  3. bunz_of_steel said:
    Me I'd return it and if it's a sapphire never buy that krap.

    MSI 5770 hawk.....
  4. Well, i'm very upset about this, because i live outside USA and the card took 3 weeks to reach my city after the date of purchase, i think that my crappy nvidia 8400 gs will again retake its place in my pci-e slot for a while :S.


    I forgot to say that i was running Win 7 64 Bits when the computer entered sleep mode, i also readed that some ppl is having the same issue with other ATI graphic cards. I don't know but i think ill deactivate this function in bios or windows just in case :S if i can solve this problem.
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