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When i plug my earbuds into my audio port on the front of my computer, it works, but it keeps cutting in and out, making it play through the speakers in and out too. Windows keeps saying the jack is unplugged then plugged in over and over. What can i do?
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  1. Probably a short, or bad wiring.

    Make sure the connectors are properly oriented and connected to MOBO.

    If this also occurs when you plug it directly into the mobo from the back, then it's mobo related, which would require a RMA.
  2. I'm guessing it is something with the wiring myself, i took it to a guy to have it wired up and a few things aren't working like they should be. My fan controller knob on my case, the headphone port etc. I just had no clue on wiring a computer up, and he has a so called computer shop, but said he had never seen anything like mine.

    My speakers are hooked up in the back and they work fine.
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