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So I recently made the jump from a Mac to build my own PC computer so I can play all the games I've been missing out now. The build was ultimately successful, but now I am having some storage issue. I got a 240GB SanDisk SSD thinking that will be more than enough space, but after buying a lot of games on Steam, I've already run out of space.

I can't afford to buy a 480GB SSD right now, but I can afford a 64GB or 120GB one. So here is my question. Should I get a a 64 or 120GB SSD and reinstall my Windows 7 on it to free up some space on my 240GB? Is this recommended? That means on the 64GB I will just have my OS and on the 240GB my program files and all my games.

What do you guys recommend I do? I really don't want to put my games on a hard drive because I love the speed of my SSD.
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  1. If you've got a reasonably fast internet connection, uninstall the games you aren't actively playing. That's one of the great benefits of having steam is not having to keep everything installed at once, and just being able to click to have it installed whenever you want. I find it very difficult to believe you actively play 240gb worth of games, but if you do the option you mentioned will give you a bit more space. I don't see that solution lasting to long if you've already filled up a 240gb drive though.
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