How i download my dvd rom driver

my dvd rom is not detected by computer but when i open it it opens but donot play any cd. the dvdrom folder in my computer is also missing so do u have any helpful information
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  1. Use windows hardware wizard to see if you can load it (driver is windows driver).
    There is a possibility that port or controller for the drive is disabled in BIOS.
  2. What OS? I think think Windows XP needs software to run a DVD drive, which = $$.
  3. my computer is detecting my sony dvd rom ddu810a but when i go to my computer there is no folder of dvd rom(h) and when i put cd in the dvd rom it wont appears in my computer
  4. and i got window xp sp 2. dell lantitude d820 is my computer model.
  5. Yeah, I have the same DVD drive. You need to install the drivers from the CD the drive came with, BUT WAIT, how can you do that if it doesn't work! :lol:

    Try what dokk2 said.

    You may need software to run DVD in WinXPSP2, try Roxio Player. Something should have can with the drive, possibly a free player, that you can access after the drivere download and install.
  6. wen i download driver and go to install it it says that u donot have the administrative right to continue the process......... what now???
  7. You will have to log onto your computer (Windows) as admin.
  8. yes its exactly that am asking for
  9. My DVD-ROM/CD-RW is not detected by computer. Operating System Windows XP Professional SP3. It will open but does not read/play any cd/dvd. The DVD-ROM Letter Drive/Folder is also missing.
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