Is this system OK? Good value?

I'm thinking of buying this system. It's pre built and the parts can't be switched (It's a new home build that someone is selling). I can upgrade myself later though. The total cost is USD$830 delivered to me here in Japan. The system will be used mainly for gaming/media playing/networking.

Any comments or view on the below spec would be greatly appreciated.

Processor: INTEL CORE i7 860 2.8GHZ Quad Core CPU W/SCYTHE SHURIKEN REV.B SCSK 1100 100mm Low Profile Low Noise CPU Cooler

Case: SILVERSTONE SG06B Mini-iTX Premium SFF Case W/ 80+ certified SFX 300 Watts PSU - Measures only: 11.26" x 8.66" x 6.97"


Memory: 4GB(2 x2048MB) G.SKILL ULTRA LOW-VOLTAGE 1.35V ECO SERIES DDR3 1333 Performance Ram

Hard Drive: 1 x Kingston SSD SATA 128GB Solid State Hard Drive

Video Card: Saphire 100245HDMI ATI Radeon HD 4850 Video Card with GDDR3 512MB Memory

DVD Drive: Sony Slim 8X DVD SATA Multi-Writer
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  1. The system is okay!! :D

    It seems to be a good value, specially including shipping cost to Japan & SSD!! I wouldn't mind having that system for a LAN PC (for example).
  2. I have my doubts about that 300w psu in combination with the 4850. AMD requires a 450w psu with a 6 pin pcie connector.

    Such recommendations are conservative, so it may work. The value of the other parts looks OK Get a warranty that it works, or be prepared to swap out the psu.
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