GTS 250 wont overclock

I recently bought an XFX GTS 250 1gb. Its got its core clock at 680 MHz, Shaders at 1620 MHz and its Memory clock at 1000 MHz. I couldn't get to using coolbits, but tried nTune and riva tuner. In nTune the sliders get highlighted but i cannot move them at all. In riva tuner im able to move the sliders but the moment i apply-ok the sliders reset. Please help!
My rig:
XFX nForce 630i mobo
2gb transcend ddr2 667 MHz
c2d e7200 2.53GHz
seagate 500gb hdd.
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  1. Some video cards can't be over clocked. Does the manual say you can overclock it? It also may depend on your other hardware specs like memory. You don't have very much memory and your motherboard is old. It may not allow overclocking either.
  2. manual dont say anything...i can oc my cpu to 3 GHz max allowed by my i need to change any of the pcie settings from the bios?
  3. try the msi afterburner, maybe that will work :)
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