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The entire story is sort of a long one, so I'll only elaborate if someone asks me to, but basically long-story-short, what happened was I plugged in a new PSU to just the 24pin slot and the 4 pin slot on the mobo, just to try it, because when I tried it a week and a half ago, it didn't work, and my computer wouldn't start, and i was told that I fried my mobo and most likely my CPU.
I plugged it to just those two slots, and the power came on, the PSU started up, fans were on, everything seemed fine.
I got all happy, thinking "I thought I had a dead PC these past 2 weeks and now it's working :')"
Sooooo, I plugged the rest of the cables from the PSU into the HDD and the CD/DVD drive, and plugged in my mouse, keyboard, etc. to the back.
I powered it on, and started smelling smoke, my eyes were quickly drawn to my hard drive, so I shut the power off as fast as I could after noticing the smoke.
I tried googling different things to troubleshoot, and it seems this has happened to a lot of people, supposedly because they plugged a sata cable into the Hard drive upside down...does that sound about right? Cause I'm gonna be pissed if I fried my HDD just because I put a damn cable in upside down...>_<

I guess my question is: is my hard drive fried? How can I check?

As you can imagine, I'm afraid to touch anything, but at the same time I wanna try a bunch of different stuff til something works or breaks. But I will play the waiting game.....
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  1. The cables are setup so that you shouldn't be able to insert them incorrectly without breaking something. Remove the hd from the system and try to power the computer on. It should still at least post without a hard drive. To check your hard drive you will need a working machine, or take it to a repair center and let them hook it up.
  2. So do you highly advise me to not try to get the computer to turn on with the hard drive inside?
  3. Check the hard drive's circuit board. If there's scarring on it then it's most likely your hard drive. Did you see smoke coming from your hard drive? Or did it look like it was coming from your PSU or some other component? I would also try running your computer while the hard drive isn't connected. Check your motherboard to see if there is any scarring or burnt areas. Leaky capacitors could be an indication too.
  4. Get one of those USB to HDD kits. They only cost about $20 and have a power brick. I have seen 4 pin molex get plugged in upside down if forced, not SATA as they have a notch.
  5. I would boot the computer with no HDD connected if you are sure the HDD was smoking; if everything else is working fine, you should get a No OS found error; you can also try booting from a windows CD or something to give things a bit more exercise.

    I would expect SATA to be possible to plugin upside down if the key-notch for the power connection was malformed, missing, or broken; or if you just forced it somehow; with the notch gone on the HDD, I can see it being fairly easy to plug in up-side down.
  6. @robyates77, If you are lucky, then the only damage to your drive will be a shorted TVS diode, in which case there is an easy, no-cost DIY fix.

    See http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/TVS_diode_FAQ.html

    ... and http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/ (photo clips)
  7. also use your nose you can find burnt parts a lot easier with your nose. the first power supply may have died to save the pc do tp a dead short. if not it may have killed input to the mb power. look at the cap and power on the mb for a melted parts.
  8. Thanks for all the helpful replies, just now seeing them after I tried the stuff below:

    here's what has gone on since I posted here on the forums:

    I decided to try putting back in my old stock PSU of 250w just to see if by some chance it worked....

    and it freaking worked.....

    I have no clue how this happened....honestly, people have been telling me for the last week that I fried my motherboard, my power supply, my CPU, and/or both/all, and I end up trying my original PSU and it decides to work...THIS TIME.

    I tried to power on my computer with my old PSU plenty of times in the past week, mind you. So I don't understand why it's working now.
    My computer is on, nothing on my hard drive seems to be missing, everything works fine, just as it used to.

    Is it possible that the new PSU that I plugged in last night (which is when the hard drive started smoking) gave my system some kind of much-needed jolt of energy to get everything back to the way it was before originally plugging in the new PSU (which is when I was told that I fried my mobo)?

    No clue how this happened, any guesses on how this is even possible..?
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