HD 5770 CF vs GTX 470 with e8400

Which is a better upgade two HD 5770 in Crossfire or one Gtx 470

My System

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Intel E8400 @ 3.0GHZ
Sigma Sharl 635w PSU
2gb ddr2 800mhz (I also planning to go to 4gb)
1tb WD Green 32mb cache
500gb Hitachi 16mb cache
Coolermater Centurion 590
Acer 22" 1680 x 1050 monitor
Logitech x540 5.1

The decision is based on two Newegg deals

1. 5770 CF with the exceptional Corsair 750w PSU ( $413 )
+ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121363&cm_re=5770-_-14-121-363-_-Product


2. Gtx 470 with new and the impressive Thermaltake 775w PSU ( $405 )

Which is the better upgrade for overall performance, "anti-bottlnecking", image quality, value and future proofing.
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  1. I would select the single card solution but 2 x HD5770 probably has a slight edge in performance.
  2. I'd probably just get a 5850 for the price of two 5770's and I would definitely recommend that over the GTX 470. NVidia used to make better cards, but ATI has passed them up in performance these days, in my opinion.
  4. Is performance and value the only reason for the 2 5770 in CF what about "anti-bottlnecking", image quality, and future proofing are these factors in ATI's favour also is the HD 5000 compatible with 120hz displays for the future?
  5. I'd have to give ATI the edge right now in most price segments but the two which I don't are the GTS 250 and the 470. The 470 substantially outperforms the 5850 in just about all DX11 tests at 1920 x 1200/1080 and hi settings. Older Dx10 games like Crysis, the 5850 has the edge.


    My thinking is two years from now, the 470 will still have value if you add a 2nd one....not so for the 5770. I'd get the 5850 or the 470 .... two 5850's outperform a 5970 .... twin 470's substantially outperform a 5970, but you'll want an 850 watt PSU when you take that step.

    The 120 hz displays are here and both ATI and nVidia can display on them.....only nVidia can do the 3D Vision thing on them tho.
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