Ati 5770 or 5830

Please help me in choosing the right one
ATI HD 5770 or 5830
Which will be the best??
How will be the performance of games like fear2,crysis,gta4,warhead,farcry2 maximum resolution and everything set to high.
Please also tell their price in india .
One more question
The prices which people have suggested in many threads is the price printed on the box of graphic card??
i m asking this cuz few years before i bought a 9400 gt which had price RS.11750 printed on it but i got it in just 7000 rupees.So if i can get others at lower price i can also afford a HD5850
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  1. Well the 5830 is going to be a little better, so I'd get that. Either card is pretty dang good though. You should be fine with either. Get the 5850 though if you can afford it.
  2. I researched this also, the reviews say go either 5770 or 5850 ...they (ppl who know more about GPUs than I) seem to think the 5830 is there to squeeze a little extra out of ppl like you and I who didnt wanna drop $300.

    links, this has links to reviews inside:

    this may be of interest to you, 5850 for > 300 USD:

    As an afterthought, I'll tell you that I decided to fork up the extra cash for the 5850, because I have a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution and as you look around at the reviews you'll see the words good and decent for game play at that resolution with the 5770 (and 5830 if I recall). In short, I didn't wanna pay 200 USD for a card thats already underpowered. I'd proly have to OC the 5770 to get the performance I want; think about when you'll need to upgrade.
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