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700+ Power Supply for Dual ATI Radeon's

Sup guys...

I want to buy another ATI Radeon HD 5850 to install with the other video card of the same brand and model. The one that I have now is using two cables from the PSU already, I think its two 8 pin's. Thing is, I don't have anymore of those, so I need to get another PSU, I'm just not sure which one...any help?
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  1. A good 650W/750W PSU will take proper care of the two HD 5850's.. Which are your other system components.? Also mention your current PSU details (brand, model, current rating if you can)..
  2. Right now I am on a CoolMax CU-700B...its rated at 679w.

    Other components that are feeding directly from the PSU are 5 Sata HD's, the dvd-rw, and a series of fans...
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    Which is your CPU.? By how much have you overclocked it (if in case).? 679W should be enough power but i do not trust PSU's which output lesser than their advertised wattage.. Get a Corsair in there.. The TX 650W should do the trick..
  4. My CPU is an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4 Ghz. Not overclocked. I will take a look at Corsair...I take it their PSU's are pretty good?
  5. Yeah.. Corsair PSU's are of pretty high quality and efficiency..
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