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Zeon on non ecc mobo


need a fast turnaround since im placing order soon

need to know if any mobo has support for both the new sandybridge 1155 xeon's and which ones support ecc ram


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    Any server board is going to support ECC ram.

    If your asking if a Zeon can be run on a regular board without ECC ram, I don't know, can't help you there, I would think yes though.
  2. ok, thanks for the input.. looks like i am going to have to go server route in mobo
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  4. 'Xeon' can run either ECC or non-ECC, using a Xeon then get ECC RAM.
  5. Aloha
    Can Any Xeon Board Run Non ECC ram?
    If not using as a server but a performance PC
    why need ECC ram.
    I am asking because the E3-1235 Xeon Processor is a much better deal then any of the I7 processors on a price performance basis.
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