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Hey TomsHardware! So with you're help, I've built a fantastic computer. The only thing left is a solid state drive around 120GB. I had my eye on a really good looking Sandisk Extreme 120GB for 79.00, but when I woke up today to buy it it was priced at 110. I don't need the SSD for long transfers just as much as snappy response time, so from what I understand I don't need the fastest one possible (nor would it make much of a difference.) Mostly I'm just wanting to make sure I get a good reliable brand, and a good drive for the money. Wanting to spend a little less than $100, anyone have any recommendations?

I was leaning towards the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 120GB at , but I'm open to amazon, tigerdirect etc. and different brands, just wanting a good deal at around this size.

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  1. This is good deal: Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB $65 after MIR

    The Mushkin is nothing wrong, but why not get the Kingston for less, and better than Mushkin too
  2. I'm reluctant to pick one based on mail in rebate prices...from what I've heard those take ages, but I will definitely consider this one. I see a lot of recommendations of the Samsung 830, citing controller differences--can anyone elaborate on these? Some people say sandisk controllers are horrible, some say otherwise...if the 830 is proven to be a very high quality SSD I don't mind spending $100 on the drive.
  3. On Tomshardware best ssd for the money in August was the Samsung 830. I myself have been using a Crucial M4 since march with no problems with a firmware update.
  4. intel 330 series
  5. i like my ocz vertex 4, but the agility 4 (budget), samsung 830, crucial m4, intel 330 are all good. just look for the one that costs the least when you want to buy.
  6. Samsung 830
  7. I can recommend the Samsung 830, works pretty well in my notebook, and is known for good reliability, which is most important for me.
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