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I'm not quite sure I put this in the right place, I just have just got a quick question though.

The internal parts inside my PC gets hot after 20 minutes or so. I've got 2 fans, 1 on the CPU and 1 on the back of the PC. I also took off the cover on the right side of my PC to give it more air, but it's still hot. The GPU is so hot, it actually hurts my finger if I touch it long enough.

Is this normal, or should I worry about it?
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    well some specifics about what type of computer/case/components would help alot... or actual temperaatures. They do run warm... but sounds like you just need a few moree fans. Everycase should have a fan on the front panel (below the CD drives, and on the back. Simply and intake fan and an exhaust fan. Cheap fix depending on your case, buy a couple $3 fans on newegg or ebay and put 2 in the front blowing in and 2 in rear blowing out.
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