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I recently bought a Sandisk 120gb SSD and added it to my system. I installed windows 7 on it and made it the primary boot drive. A friend of mine knows a lot more about registry and directories than I do so he changed some stuff in that. My problem is that I can't install drivers of any kind such as the USB3.0 controller drive or the drivers for my mouse. I ran the troubleshoot on drivers and it still wouldn't let me install them because I didn't have permissions to. I am the sole user of the computer and I know for a fact that I am the administrator. Another thing is that when I try to install the drivers it doesn't let me choose a drive it auto installs to the SSD. I have a 1TB HDD that all my other files are on. The only thing on the SSD is a couple games and the OS. If anyone has an idea what I should do or if we messed up the directories please help. Thanks in advance.
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  1. - drivers are always installed to the windows directory. There is nothing to choose
    - the permission problem is pretty sure direct related to what your friend did
    - reinstall windows to the SSD and keep your friend away from your PC
  2. Yea i backed up the HDD to my external and formatted both drives. reinstalled windows 7 on the ssd and its working beautifully now. No more random program crashes and ridiculous load times when starting a program.
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