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will the multi-display ATI Eyefinity technology work with NVIDA cards also? I actually expect the answer to be no but what the hell don't ask a question you never get an answer. Matrox can NOT handle the Hi-Resoultions that 3 24" HDMI 1080p HD Wide Screens. I asked and they have no plans on doing so at this point. I just bought the Geforce CTX 260's and really really don't want to replave them just to play Eve across 3 really nice big screens
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  1. Eyefinity is ATI only! Nvidia's card architecture is different.
  2. Yeah, you need an ATI eyefinity card. NVidia doesn't have anything like that yet. They are falling behind.
  3. Thank you all. Pretty much the answer I expected but I had to ask. I really perfer NVIda cards but they don't even have Windows 7 drivers yet. ANd with Matrox being obtuse I am looking at being forced into ATI's Waiting arms. Maybe I can ix and match all my monitors more or less the same size under 24 inches with the bigger screens to see if that works at all. Once you go 3 screens there is no going back 1 one. Maybe 2 but never 1. lol

    Thank you all very much again for your help.

  4. The 256 series drivers are supposed to be bringing the three screen vision to the masses this summer.

    P.S The drivers for W7 work just fine for me.
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