Ati driver issues

so i decided to install the latest ati drivers 10.5, during install the screen went blank and never came back. i went to bed to see if it would work it out after a while, so suck luck so I rebooted on the morning to get a blank screen

booting into win normally would get me a blank screen and safe mode would reboot as soon as i entered my password. selecting boot in last know good config let me boot normally still no way into safe mode

tried win uninstaller to get rid of ccc it failed, ran driversweeper, then ccleaner, then manually deleted all ati/amd files I could find. upon reboot same situation as above but now upon bootup an ati window would appear telling me i had no ati driver installed. so i uninstalled the card in device manger

upon reboot windows downloaded and installed a driver from win update. win now boots normally but i still have ccc icon on the taskbar and right clicking the screen (yep they both work with no files that i can find) still cannot get into safe mode (enter password then it reboots)

tried to reinstall ccc and noticed the uninstall option (probably should have done the fist, to late now) tried it failed, tried to reinstall and failed

in summary:
i have an old driver installed
can't boot in safe mode
ccc is still there with no files to be found
and ccc will neither install or uninstall

any bright ideas people win7 and hd2600pro
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  1. You'll probably need to do a full reinstall of Windows, but that sucks if you have data you need to back up.

    I would try removing the video card and start the computer, then shut it down and put thye card back in.

    Also, you may want to reset the BIOS to default settings. That may help reset it.
  2. I would use something like Tuneup Utilities or Windows Care. Either will check your reg for unassigned keys and that should hopefully get rid of the CCC.

  3. Yea I'd say run Driver Sweeper again to make sure it gets it all, and also run something like CCleaner for getting rid of wrong and unused registrys. Reboot and install maybe try 10.4 instead they seem more stable than 10.5.

    Do you know what the driver install was from Win Update? I'm pretty sure after driver sweeper that's why you boot into safe mode for driver install... but anyway if it's running of the windows downloaded drivers then do what you can to sweep out all the old ATI stuff... again if you didn't run a registry sweep then there could definitely be issues there.

    Have you tried a System Restore to before the attempted install?
  4. thanks guys making progress but still stuck

    tuneup utilities and windows care appear to be about the same thing as ccleaner downloaded and ran both, with no luck

    ccleaner has already been run that was in the first rather long post. driversweeper recommends it be run in safe mode to ensure all files get deleted, not really an option though seeing as I can't get into safe mode (says it should work anyway)

    now using 10.4 did help, reinstalled it on top of existing install. then used it's uninstaller to remove everything (i think), now running the windows drivers again this time without ccc

    biggest problem - still can't get into safe mode shortly after entering my password it reboots which is a hair better then rebooting the instant I put my password in. is it sad that i consider those extra 6 seconds of the win logo progress ?

    minor problem - debating trying to reinstall the 10.5 driver
  5. It does sound like a faulty driver. Try uninstalling the video drivers, run driversweeper, do a repair install of windows and see if it works out

    you can also try the REVO uninstaller. There is a free version and a trial version of the Pro. The Pro has a forced unistall option that will search for leftovers after a program is gone.

    Since it is the safe mode boot that is still bad, look to one or more damaged system files. The windows repair may fix these.
  6. You forget about basic Windows utilities and totally skip them.

    I suggest you should run at a command prompt with admin rights first CHKDSK /F /R ( note the spaces before the slashes ) and then SFC /SCANNOW ( note the space before the slash ).

    These commands ( the first one ) will take care if you have bad sectors on the hard disk drive and repair / mark them. The second one will check / replace critical system files if necessary.

    After these commands are done, you can start trouble-shooting other things, display drivers, testing memory, etc.

    Hope the above helps.
  7. ^ IF you deleted The registery files while you were still using the 10.4 Drivers you're gonna have to go for a clean install, unlucky Bud :(
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