CD/DVD drive wont run windows cd/dvd only and is not recognised in My Laptop

Hello,I have Dell laptop with me and I have by mistake have updated Windows 7 Pirated DVD after than my DVD drive dose not detect any windows CD and not burning any DVD all other DVDS are working fine please help me
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  1. It may be that your drive has the incorrect driver, perhaps windows is picking it up as a non-writing dvd drive. It reads dvds fine? and just wont burn them - but did before you upgraded?

    You can try re-installing the driver:

    Start type "Device Manager" -> Enter
    Find your dvd drive in the list of devices
    Right click and select "uninstall" and press ok.
    Then Click on "Action" (on the menu bar) and select "Scan for hardware changes"

    Windows should re-install the driver and say successful. Give that a go, if not look on dells website.
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