Memory won't start.


I recentlly assembled a desktop

core i5-2500K
asus p8p67
radeon hd 6950

650W Power supply

2 1tb harddrives

WHen I started it for the first time built in speaker told me that comething is wrong with my memory. And I can't figure out what... I tried switching channels, tries using only one bar of memory at a time, nothing works.
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  1. Probably a voltage issue:

    RAM in Blue Slots
    AI OC Tuner -> XMP
    DRAM Voltage -> 1.65v

    edit: BTW for P67's I recommend using the latest BIOS version, and on ASUS us the ASUS EZ Flash 2 method.

    ASUS P8P67 B3 {vanilla}

    ASUS EZ Flash 2 - How To:
  2. That's the problem. System doesn't boot at all... I can't really find a sofware problem if I can't get into bios... I'm afraid that it's compatibility issues. Eather DDR3 or Power Supply...
  3. Sorry...went to movie & diner. Use (1) stick in DIMM_A2, second DIMM slot from the CPU. Next, Clear CMOS, Jumper method, see page 2-21 figure 2.2.7 Jumper.

    CPU | - | Stick | - | - |

    If that doesn't work try the other stick, and if that fails then it's probably not your RAM.

    If your using a non-OEM CPU fan and the Mounting is not insulated you can be causing a small short circuit. Before pulling anything, try the MemOK button, see page 2-16 figure 2.2.5 for use.

    Next, just to rule-out some oddball short: unscrew all of the MOBO and PCIe screws, pull the MOBO away from anything conductive and dangle supported on a towel. Try again.

    Correct, if you cannot get in to the BIOS then you're stuck.

    Good Luck! :)
  4. Thanks. I'll try that..
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