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I have a gateway laptop, that is a couple of years old. It is a widows XP based model and i am having trouble with reinstalling the wireless internal adapter that it came with. I have no disc to reinstall the adapter itself. All of my drivers are up to date since i use a program called driver genius to search for updated drivers if they happen to be old or missing from my computer. The driver i am using for my wireless network adapter is called broadcom. I recently uninstalled the wireless adapter because it was showing a connection speed of 11mbps. This of course got very frustrating and i uninstalled the adapter from the hardware list in hopes that when i restarted my laptop it would reinstall itself and correct the problem. Of course after computer restart it was nowhere to be found and i am now without wireless capability, even though the actual wireless card still lay dormant inside of my laptop. So here i am hardwired into my laptop with a 50 foot ethernet chord strung across my house in hopes of coming across a fix online. But of course so far to no success.
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  1. Please post your Gateway model number, we may be able to find the specific hardware and driver on the Gateway website. Or you could allow Windows update to install a driver.
  2. My model number for my gateway laptop is 600YGR. Sorry i forgot to post that before.
  3. My solution would be (has been) to remove the pci card and buy a cheap $20 USB wireless and plug it in. They are easy to use, move and replace. Those internal wireless cards seem to always end up being a PITA for me.
  4. On Gateway's e-support website there is a Gateway 600YG2, 600YGR Wireless Network driver, version - Supports: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98SE

    Download is here:
  5. I believe dndhatcher may have a point. I used ko888's download suggestion and attempted to reinstall the driver for the adapter, however when i did so and followed the instructions, it prompted for me to do as follows. "In Device Manager, under Other Devices, double-click Lucent Technologies-WaveLAN/IEEE, and then click Reinstall Driver." unfortunately " Lucent Technologies-WaveLAN/IEEE" was not located under "Other devices" so there is no driver to attempt a reinstall with. So if i cannot find a solution to this troublesome issue i may have to do what dndhatcher suggested and purchase a usb wireless connecter. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated and i would like to thank everyone who has posted on this thread thus far in hopes of coming across a solution for this hair-jerker.
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    I would use nLite to create a custom Windows XP SP3 CD with all of the Gateway 600YG2 drivers integrated into it and use the resulting boot CD to do a Repair Install.
  7. Thank you ko888. I don't really know why i never thought of doing that and not only did it correct my internal wireless adapter issue but also corrected the reason i had removed it in the first place and that being its slugish connection speed to the internet at 0.1 to rarely 0.5 and seldomly 11.0mbps only when i sat right next to my wireless modem. Worked like a charm buddy and thank you all for your co-operation in resolving this issue. ~Sapius
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