This is a great time for budget graphic cards!

when i bought my 9600gt 2 years ago for 190$ it was top of the line. so that got me thinking.
ok, using toms hiearchy chart,2646-7.html
and this price list set to itemize by price
its amazing the prices of these budget cards now.

first i see a gt 220 at 49$ a good card that is faster than A 4650 i see.
next i see a 5550 at 69$ these are comparable to 8800gt speeds.
the gt 240 at 69$ which is already at 9600gt levels. wow
and there we have it, the 9800gt at 69$ surpassing my 9600gt.

granted your not gonna have these cards stretching crysis across 3 screens, but at low res 20" screens theyre great.

yes its a great time for budget users.
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  1. Yeah, not bad prices. Too bad RAM Memory prices have doubled!
  2. kingston valueram is still cheap at 24$ ddr2 and ddr3 at 37$ for 1 gig sticks

    most budget users wont go flying for the 70$ gskill 2gb sticks but more the 1 gig "ill expand later" route
  3. Gamers can get by with Kingstan Valueram, but enthusiasts won't. Just sayin' :D
  4. But like you said when it was $190 it was high end, the only reason its cheap now is because its outdated and low end.

    As For RAM I got my 3 GB of DDR3 1333Mhz OCZ for just £56 :)
  5. Buying older tech has always been a good way of getting better FPS but it does come at the cost of the more advanced features.
    The difference these days is that games have stagnated to the point where for a budget gamer it makes no difference really.
    You don't need the latest cards from either company to comfortably play any game today at reasonable settings. We don't all need every setting on high ;)
    You also don't actually need DDR3 either. My latest Rig is an AM2+ board because i can reuse my DDR2 and save £100. I don't loose much performance and the whole thing is a lot cheaper. I also thanks to the above points about GPU's don't feel the need to get a new GPU for this build.
    All of which means better MoBo,PSU,Case and Cooler. All in im getting a new PC for half the cost of the last one and it will be quite a bit faster as well.

  6. something i forgot to add to my first post, im still gaming in dx9. i really dont see a HUGE difference between dx11 stalker:cop and dx9 version. if anything its lower frame rates.

    @ mactronix i also understand amd next generation cpu's will still utilize ddr2 also.

    just for 5hit5 and giggles someone build a dx9 winxp box from newegg and see how cheap it can be. keeping in mind the power requirements of old tech in relation to a psu.
  7. I havent seen anything concrete yet but everything im hearing is that the Bulldozer Arch will probably need a new Mobo (socket) and only support DDR3. The latest 6 core chip will run in my AM2+ board so its not like im not 100% up to date chip wise anyway.

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