Hello,I have a problem with mobo setup.I built pc and it posts with no problems,but both cpu fan spins fast into os and cpu fan alarms sounds for 1 to 2 seconds and after that everything is fine.The only way to elimate is to disable cpu warning temp in bios.Any suggestions to why this happens?Overall cpu temps holding 28c at idle.40 c's on load.
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  1. Is the CPU fan stock? How old?
    What is your PSU specs? How old?
    When you disable CPU fan warning in BIOS, does the fan start properly?
  2. cpu fan stock,new.
    550w psu ,new
    cpu fan fail warning is set to disable.
    Fans starts normal rpm to post,than you can hear fan speed up when loading os for 1-2 secs. and then rpms slow down to normal speed like at post.System runs fine after that.If I enable cpu warning temp,i'll get the alarm along with the fan upspeed into os for that 1-2 second clip.Like I said the system runs fine after that,but this makes me wonder,if there is a problem with the mobo or cpu fan.
  3. There are several tests to eliminate the problem.
    First, plug another fan into the CPU header, any fan...and plug the CPU fan directly into a PSU connector. There should be one that fits or an adapter that came with the PSU.
    If the case fan now exhibits the same behavior, either the motherboard is not passing power correctly, or the PSU is not.
    If the CPU fan behaves the same way, replace it.
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