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I want for my 40gb ssd's only purpose in life to be is; boot up my os, that's it! Is that to much to ask for? What do I have to do? Do I really have to go into the registry and all that? I'm using Windows 7 home prem. Help please.
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  1. We have no idea what you're asking...
  2. One drive for my os and another drive for storage...
  3. I get that part. The question is we're not sure what you mean by the registry part.

    In a new build, you simply install OS onto the SSD and plug in and format storage drives afterwards.
  4. have you already installed your OS?

    if not, then it is just like installing an OS on a traditional hdd.
  5. Yes, I installed Windows. So once I have a program I want to install, I direct the program to be storaged on my storage drive and that's it? Over time will I accumulate temp files, restore points ect.?
  6. yes and yes
  7. Thanks
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