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Hi i need a new motherboard because my current motherboard (msi 7380 v1.2) wont let me overclock due to the bios being locked and msi told me the board dosent exist ha anyway i need one that would take a intel q8300 cpu possibly an I7 as i might upgrade later on and 2x amd 6850s. price dosent matter but if i could save some cash that would be great =] thanks.
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  1. The I7 is a different socket size, so it won't work on any 775 boards. If you want another 775 board, check for a used one first in one of the hardware forums, especially if you want sli support. I use my local craigslist.
  2. O didnt know that okay could you recomend any boards for the i7 thanks
  3. I'll assume you want the latest, which is 1155. For $355, the 2500K with asus P8P67-M Rev 3.0 is a good starting point. If you have less to spend, you can skip the sli option and get a board for about half what the asus costs. I also saw a used 6950 1156 for $50 on craigslist today. With a low end board, you could get the pair for around $110, which would be better than buying another 775.
  4. ive been looking around and for the moment i want to keep the cpu ad ram i have so i found this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Asus-P5K-E-WiFi-AP-Motherboard-LGA775-Intel-P35-/190523200138?pt=UK_Motherboards_CPUs&hash=item2c5c11528a is that an okay MB thanks
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