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Ok here's the deal, I'm building a new computer and saving the HDD from my last computer that's 160gb sata 2. I'm building a new computer that will have a 60gb corsair series 3 SSD and wondering if I can use them both. Basically I want windows 7 to be on the SDD for boot and AHCI. The problem is my 160gb HDD has windows 7 on it. I actually dont know if this is a problem though, it is? I want to use them both at the same time like the 60gb SDD to boot up with and when I log in my computer have all my files from my HDD as well. How would I go about doing this?

Do I install Windows 7 OS on SDD first with HDD not installed yet. And when done I install the HDD? If so what would I have to do step wise?
I've read and heard this was the best way to go about it. I'd appreciate any help thank you.

Also, I don't plan to reformat my HDD so I still have access to it. But it also will have the same OS which I hope wont be a problem. How does it work with having both SDD and HDD? Do you have to boot up with a different drive every time to access the files on the HDD OR THE SDD? Please help.
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  1. Install Windows 7 to the SSD. Then install the old hard drive into your computer. Make sure the BIOS still has the SSD as the primary boot device. You may need to take ownership of user directories when you first access files on the HDD, but it should work just fine.
  2. Once you install windows on the SSD Windows will ask you which Windows you want to use after the POST screen.You'll have to do some trial and error till you figure out which is which.Once you've booted into Windows on the SSD delete the the boot file using the msconfig utility.

    Don't read past the first part you don't need the 3rd party software.Just use the system configuration in the first part.
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