2GB + 4GB DDR3 with Different Brands is OK?

Hi, I've been planning to upgrade my memory from 2gb to 6gb.
Here are my specs..
CPU: Intel core i3 530@3.0ghz
Mobo: Asus P7H55-V
RAM: 1x2gb ddr3 1333 (Kingston KVR1333D3N9) tweaked to 7-7-7-20
OS: Win7 Ultimate 32bit

As you can see its a simple budget build, and for now I have been thinking of buying a high performance 4gb ddr3 ram.
I would like to try other memory brands like OCZ or Corsair as I have seen reviews they do quite well.
My concerns are:

1. If I buy a different brand aside from my current Kingston RAM, will it affect performance/stability even with making
the timings equal since the first one is a budget ram and the other a high-end one?
2. I would like to try the dual channel capability of my mobo. Will this work if this was the case(1x2gb + 1x4gb)?
3. Could you recommend stable RAM setups for 6gb total of ram? Much better if I could utilize my current ram(if possible).

Thank you for all the help.
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  1. You'll see some performance increase, but your system may not run in dual channel mode with just a single stick of 4 gb. Check your owner's manual to be sure it will work. I would recommend instead 2x2gb of ram to go with your pair of 1 gb sticks. I found mine for $30 used, and it ran fine with a pair of 1600 sticks.
  2. Thanks for the useful info. Well then, brand difference and ram type(low end RAM+ high end RAM) mixing won't affect system stability? This has been my main concern.
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    There's no guarantee of performance when mixing; you'll just have to try it. You'll still need to check the manual to see if it's even possible (2gb with 4gb single sticks). Reading your post again makes me think you'd be better off selling off the single stick or matching it before adding a different brand to the mix.
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  5. thanks dude!
  6. Same with you.. I'm planning to upgrade my Asus Corei3 laptop from 2GB ddr3 memory to 6GB ddr3 memory. In combination with AData and other brand like Kingston or other that available here in Philippines... My brother said that it's ok but I'm worrying. :sweat:
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