Building a server with i7 for internet cafe ?

hi everybody please i need help
first im gonna buy like 20 pc with i5-750 and hd 5770 for gamers and enthusiasts in internet cyber cafe and that will cost me a lot of money indeed and for games i will install original games and original os but can i do it in a server pc and let all the other pc's access it or i can install the os in all of the pc's but can i install all the games in one server and let the computer access it
and the rig i think about to be the server is
i7 980X with corsair H70 for cooling
rams will be 24 GB DDR3 1066 MHZ
asus rampage iii extreme
4 TB western digital
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
500 GB x 500 GB in raid 5
8 seperate hard drives in raid 5 for data security it will be aproximatley 4 TB but the HDD's will be working is 4 about 2 TB
and for gpu Geforce GTX 260 will do it and the dvd drives will be dual blu-ray burner i will use them for backup and the PSU is gonna be thermaltake 1500 watt
and the case will be thermaltake speedo advance package
and the internet speed is gonna be 8 MB
any ideas and helps will be appreciated
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  1. Hi.

    1- If u buy the original game u can install it in all the rigs that u want, the game installed in the server only works for server game and LAN game and u can't install the game only in the server for access of the other rigs.

    2- RAID 5 needs 3 HD minimum with two HD as u write u only can create a RAID 0 or a Mirror.

    3- 1500W is overkill for that rig and thermaltake isn't very good for PSUs go with a Corsair AX850 or AX1200 both are sufficient for the server.
  2. If this was me, talk to a company offering a complete package and install service.

    Your going to have to go into fair detail regarding network setup, security etc etc.
  3. i would consider a g34 amd for this
  4. no no no guys i would like to thank all of you but the main question is about installing the original game if i can do it like saint19 said then im set thanks again
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