Mobo RAM compatibility?

I have a Gigabyte P43T-ES3G mobo and OCZ DDR3 1333 2Gb (x2) RAM. With both sticks of RAM installed in the same colored slots on the mobo (dual channel mode) the desktop won't post. If I position each stick of RAM in different colored slots (single channel mode) it works fine. I understand that dual channel mode is more efficient and therefore allows faster memory access.

My reading of Intel Chipset series 4 documentation leads me to think maybe it can't handle more than 1 Gb of DDR3 memory per slot in some cases. Does this sound correct or does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. You're incorrect on your dimm modes.
    Dual channel works in the following configurations.
    two modules use dimm1 and dimm3 /or 2 and 4
    Of course all dimms filled.
    And yes you can use 2gb modules.16gb total
    I suggest you read the manual where this is clearly stated.
  2. Davcon,

    I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Thank you.

    As you suggested, I reread the mobo manual, but I still have a problem. With the ram modules in dimm1 and dimm3, it wouldn't POST. It would however POST with the ram modules in dimm1 and dimm2, which is how I have them and the computer seems to work pretty well. However, as you (and the manual) stated, that's not the way the ram modules are to be installed.
  3. I would download Memtest86+ iso and burn to disc
    Boot from the disc
    Test ram one stick at a time
    If the ram is ok you might have a bad dimm
    Download CPU-Z to get a handle on your ram speed.
  4. Davcon,

    Thank you again, will do. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I've been busy with work (mandatory overtime) and family.

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