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I'm building a new system and wondered if someone with a little more experience would be able to tell me if it would all work together (I'll me using it mainly for games such as Spore and WoW) and -if not- be able to suggest something that would, for around the same price. Also, I've got two motherboards I like, though I'm not sure which one would be better for my particular build, any help on that would be appreciated too. My parts are:

Case and PSU - CoolerMaster Storm Scout + 700w CoolerMaster Silent Pro - £130

PCU - Intel i5 750- £150

RAM - Corsair 4gb DDR3 1333mhz - £90

Harddrive - Samsung 1tb - £50

Graphics Card - PALIT 9800GT - £86

My two motherboards are as follows:

Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 - £100 - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/194679
ASUS P7P55D - £97 - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/173451

Total Price - £603-£606

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  1. I would replace the RAM with G Skill - it is lower latency, fast and only £5 more. Well worth it:

    As for motherboard, I would just go with Gigabyte GA P55 US3L - £77

    What resolution do you play at? Are you planning on playing any newer games? I know WoW is CPU dependant, but I am concerned about your Graphics card - I myself am thinking of replacing my wifes 8800GTX with a more powerful card for Everquest 2 (I am trying to decide whether a GPU upgrade will give a big enough FPS jump)
  2. I've added those to my list, thankyou :)

    I'm using 1600 x 900 (i think). I'm not sure about the newer games, I'm probably goign to get Starcraft 2, but that's it at the moment. What card would you suggest? I can spend a bit more now because of the lower price motherboard.
  3. I would grab a 5770 (should be approx £115 at either www.scan.co.uk, www.overclockers.co.uk, www.ebuyer.com, www.novatech.co.uk)

    The 5770 aside from being Direct X 11 compatible (not much use as it probably wont have the power to do it) and being cooler and more power efficient, it is also a more powerful card. On the table below I believe the 9800GT is approximately equivalent to the 4830, OC'd closer to 4850.

  4. I'll go for the 5770 then, thankyou! So everything would be compatable with everything else on my build now?
  5. Yes, the key elements to compatibility is making sure the motherboard, RAM and Processor work.

    If you are using an i5 build (socket 1156) then you need the motherboard which has that socket (in this case the P55 motherboards). As you are using a P55 motherboard the RAM you need is DDR3 and Dual Channel (which the G Skill is, as was your Corsair) so that all fits, pretty much once you have that fitting everything else will be smooth. The only other concern is ensuring the PSU has the required cables and power for the graphics card and the system (which it does)

    I would like to add though, me personally am not convinced by that Power Supply

    I would sooner get a quality weaker PSU like the Silverstone 500W - £54

    Or, if you want a more powerful PSU to ensure futureproof (in case you get a powerful Graphics card) then the XFX 650W is an excellent PSU, in fact with it down to £69.99 at the moment I would be tempted to get this regardless.

    If you bought the XFX, that would leave you £50 for the case, which is way mroe than enough, unless building some super computer youwant to overclock the hell out of I see no reason for overly expensive cases. This link has loads of cases to choose from, pick one you like the look of. Even the Antec 300 is only £42.
  6. I wasn't 100 per cent with the power supply, but it was a good make and seemed adequate for my build... as far as i knew! I may go for a larger one then :) thanks
  7. Oh, it certainly is powerful enough - excessive even, I was just concerned by its quality (having looked at the site you are buying from I saw no info on 80% efficiency etc.)

    But, having looked at the Bit tech review it seems the PSU is actually a good quality PSU, so no reason not to get the combo if you like the case - both of qhich could probably serve you well in a future build too
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