XFX HD-585X-ZNFV Radeon HD 5850 worth it?


It is a current 24 hour deal on Newegg and I was wondering how his card is. One of the main concerns I had with it was it's "egg" shaped shell. Anyone know how this card will perform?
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  1. Alright ty!
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  3. Wierd ass cooler on that XFX. Good way to heat up the whole PC case!
    Voltage control is only useful if you plan to push the card to extreme overclocks. You can still get pretty high on stock volts. However, given that that BioStar one is reference and under $300, I'd get it. In fact, I almost did buy that one but then a local retailer had the Sapphire Dirt 2 edition in stock (the only Sapphire reference model) for $298 so I got it.
  4. Though I won't buy the early release "reference designs", preferring to wait for Hardware Revision B or C to hit the streets, to opt out on any bad component choices, get more control over OC settings and better coolers, I don't like cards that exhaust air into the case and would therefore pass on that one.
  5. I know best answer was selected but that cooler is great I get 950MHZ on the core without really getting the fan to 47% hitting mid 60's, but...... I have a 5770
  6. I ordered the XFX because it was highly reccomended to me here on Toms Hardware. Haven't built my PC yet(waiting for parts), but I hope it performs well. I probably won't be overclocking so probably not an issue!
  7. I just recently bought a XFX 5770 from the local BestBuy. For $107 more I was able to pick up this card which is really what I wanted anyway. Suprised though the 5770 pretty much does everything I need it to. I am really only playing L4D2 and Dirt2 at the moment. Dirt2 does drop into the 40fps range with everything maxed so hopefully this 5850 that should be here Tuesday will fill in the FPS drops in Dirt2. I could careless about max tweaking. A light overclock on my card is all I might do to it. I have ran into more issues overclocking the GPU compared to the CPU so I just don't bother. My case is the Antec 900 and it will exhaust the hot air just fine. My CPU cooler has two 120mm fans pointed upward directly above the GPU so that also will help exhaust the hot air. I have cooling to spare on my i7. Runs at 32c idle and like 50c max with the Megahalems. Best deal I found on the XFX brand 5850 plus free shipping. Score for me. Can't wait to max out Dirt2 and maybe try some new games. Thanks Newegg for the 24hr sale.
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