GTX 280 Windows 7 64Bit Crash when loading DirectX Applications

Hello, I am having a serious issue, this morning I woke up to my pc off, and when I attempted to turn it back on and log into windows it would crash and not put up a black or blue screen but a weird screen with a white box where my mouse had just recently been. after messing with it for some time I learned that this was because of Aero causing it to crash upon load. So I disabled Aero and thought my problems had been fixed.

I was wrong. I soon discovered that any application that uses DirectX or anything that cause my video card to do anything would crash it in the same way.

VLC and Windows Media Player included.

I have tried installing Direct X and Uninstalling my drivers and reinstalling them to no luck.

I am desperate in getting this fixed asap please if anyone could help please do.

My pc stats are.

12gb DDR3 Ram
Core i7 920
nVidia GTX 280 1gb
Windows 7 64 bit OS

The only thing I can't do are reformat and reinstall Windows as I recently moved and am unable to locate my install disc.
I have Team Viewer and would grateful to any help received. I am unsure if Team Viewer will run but I am willing to try lol.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Is it possible for you to test your card in another system or test another card in your system ?
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