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Hello guys,
lately I find some Atom mini ITX mobos. They are cheap and come already in bundle with a dual-core Atom and an onboard graphic.
To tell you the truth..I don't know...personally I hate Atoms for their performance but on the other hand...they very economical and consume low power.
I am a total stranger to that, those bundles are also complete new to me.
Some of my colleagues start to ask me if those Atom bundles are worth the money if you are expecting a light home server or HTPC (with blue-ray).
How do you thing of those Atom bundels?

This one for example :
ASUS AT3IONT-I Deluxe Intel Atom 330
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  1. Why cheap out and later down the road when one's needs grow outside surfing the net kick yourself for going Atom? I would gladly hunt "obsolete" E2xxx Allendales or A64 X2 4xxx Brisbanes on the used hardware market than ever go Atom zzz.... Even entry level DDR3 platforms with Regor X2 + 785G is very light on the pockets too...
  2. Hmmm...you got a point there mate!
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