Is this a good deal?

CUSTOM COMPUTER 3GHz 2GB RAM 160GB HARD DRIVE 8800GTS on eBay (end time 13-Jul-10 16:09:07 BST)

It does not have the 8800GTS installed, but an MSI 8600GTS apparently. Due to this he has decided to sell it for £150 now. Is this a good deal?

For the record i'm from the UK so it is £150 not $150

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  1. It's worth more than that in parts, but considering how old the things is, I personally wouldn't.
  2. Overall would it run CS:S on high details smoothly?
  3. Cs:s?

    I'll hazard a guess that you mean counter strike, I'd say yes, but I've got no clue of the stability of a system that old.
  4. The pc meets all the recommended requirements for Counter-Strike: Source, except it has no Operating System according to the listing.

    1000W power supply? Huge overkill, and looks out of place. Says it can be overclocked - does it have an upgraded heatsink in it? I would double check those issues first.

    150 pounds for old hardware like this is not a great deal, but it may be sufficient if you are looking for a machine that will suffice for a couple of years.
  5. Have you asked him what kind of core 2 duo it is and what brand of PSU it is? In the unlikely chance that the PSU is good quality it could be used in a few years on a decent new system (a good PSU would cost over £100 at that power so a whole build at £150 would be great). But I am guessing it is a crappy PSU.
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