GTX 285 ....Dying?

Okay so I just ran VMT (Video Memory stress Test) and got these results.

Changing video mode to 640x480x16...OK
[6/3/2010 2:06:54 PM] Test started for "Primary Display Driver (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285)"...
Trying 16bpp RGB:565 mode...OK
TEST FAIL (Code: 8876017C)
Trying 16bpp RGB:555 mode...OK
TEST FAIL (Code: 8876017C)
Trying 16bpp BGR:565 mode...NOT SUPPORTED (Code: 80004001)
Trying 32bpp RGB:888 mode...OK
TEST FAIL (Code: 8876017C)
Trying 32bpp BGR:888 mode...NOT SUPPORTED (Code: 80004001)

I just started playing WoW after a 2 1/2 month break and have been getting lots of random crashes as well as bluescreens and I haven't really had problems with it before I stopped playing. While I was taking a break from WoW, I played Oblivion and modded it pretty heavily. I'm not sure if that could have some relevance to what is going on in my system now, but I'll just throw that out there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I also ran memtest and it found several errors in my RAM (4 errors in 4.5% of testing).
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  1. If Memtest86+ shows errors, and your RAM is running at the correct factory settings (RAM timings, voltages, etc), then you have bad RAM. This is causing your random BSOD's. Replace the bad RAM. Then check again for system stability.
  2. Thank you much. I will replace my RAM as soon as I can then. I haven't done any fiddling/OCing with my RAM at all, and I dare not.
    Are there any precautions I should take on maintaining good RAM or is it just based on how I use my system? I'm not too bright on RAM as you can tell so any information would be useful.
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