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My question is can you RAID 2 different hard drives at two different speeds. Like one is 5400rpms and the other 7200rpms does that matter? Looking to RAID level 1 with my Hard drives and RAID 0 with my SSD's
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  1. No. And it's really best if the hard drives are identical make and models although if they are the same speed it will probably work.

    Raid 0 is a bad idea with SSDs. All you really gain is synthetic benchmark speed. There is vey little real world gain and you lose TRIM support.
  2. Ok then what would you recommend just to double the storage capacity of the 2 SSD's. I have a intel 520 120gb ssd that has 26gigs left and I know you need to leave at least 15 open for garbage collection an that stuff. So Raid 1, 5, or 10?
  3. Actually you can RAID different drives. They will however work at the lowest common denominator. I've even seen people on this forum RAID an SSD and HDD together. However just because you can doesn't mean you should. Like Anort3, I don't think you should.

    Just use the drives separate. Move what you can off of the SSD.
  4. Yeah you can. I actually knew that from experiece too as I ran between 1 and 3 RAID arrays in my home computer pretty much from 2002 when RAID became common on motherboards to 2010 when I got an SSD. Once I got the SSD it really became unnecessary and I never even bothered setting up a RAID 1 with my data drives. I just back up to them individually. Sorry about that and good catch 4745454b.

    You can RAID your SSDs and you will not even lose TRIM support. The latest Intel RST driver enables TRIM on the 7x series chipset boards but that's it so far. So I missed that one too. :whistle: It's actually a good idea to keep 20% free so TRIM / garbage collection will work correctly. Since an 120GB drive formats to 111GB that means 22GB free.
  5. Yup on all counts.

    For those of you who know me I've never liked RAID in home setups. Now that we have SSDs there is no reason to use AID0. And RAID1 is NOT a form of backup. Now that SSDs are here there is really no need for RAID. (on desktops at least.)
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