HD 4850 X2 requires crossfire?

Question. I have the opportunity to obtain a HD 4850 X2 card (2 4850's on single card). I can't find a clear answer as to whether or not this card requires a crossfire compatible motherboard. Any help?

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  1. I have a 700w PSU. I am under the impression that that should be enough?
  2. no ir does not..
    it requiers quiet a lot of power ;]
    as long as you have single PCIe x16 slot you are good to go
  3. Is it a good quality PSU? You should be fine, I'm running 2 4870s on 750W with an overclocked CPU and 3 hard drives.
  4. Yeah, OCZGXS700. Thanks all for the quick replies!
  5. good luck with 4870 X2 it is really good card..
    just remember some games don't support dual GPU cards or CF
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