i'm now using core i 3 530 (3.3Ghz OC) and my minimun power is around 19W for idel and max 73W.

so let me know something about power comsumption (i'm not thinking about the electric bill, just for knowledge)

1. will my OC increase the power usage?
2. what's the difference in power usage of CPU between using IGP and separated Graphic card? (don't count on the power of the dedicated card)
3. using the dedicated graphic will effect on the CPU temp and porcessing power?

thanks to all
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  1. 1. Yes it will, higher clock speeds require more power to operate, but it isn't a large increase in power consumption until you begin raising your cpu voltage.

    2. I honestly have no clue how much the IGP in clarksdale consumes.

    3. Using a dedicated graphics card will have no effect on your cpu processing power, and it shouldn't increase your cpu temp unless you've got horrible airflow and the inside of your case heats up due to the video card.
  2. 1. OCing will increase your power usage in a fairly linear fashion, but voltage increases will have a more significant impact on it.

    2. Because the IGP on i3's is actually part of the CPU i would expect about a 20W drop in CPU power consumption if the IGP was not in use, but if you are getting the wattage from something like HW-monitor its already ignoring the IGP and just telling you CPU only.

    3. Using a dedicated card will let the CPU shut off the IGP and should therefore reduce your temps by a few degrees under load, but it wont have any effect on the CPU performance.
  3. those guys pretty much covered it, dont you love how cool these things run 32nm ftw
  4. so should i conclude as follow

    -OC increase the power usage
    -using dedicated card can reduce some watt and temp of the main CPU (provided adequate airflow for the video card)

    so 1 more question. :)

    i read G31, G41 and i3/i5 + H55 have 8, 10 and 12 graphic units.
    i see there is significant performance boob from G31 to i3.
    but many reviews tell intel IGP is quite weak and driver is poor. so

    ok, i want to know is what's the equavalent of ati, nvidia and AMD IGP with G41 and i3 530 IGP either on notebook and desktop platform.

    thanks u all again
  5. There is no card that still exists that is as weak as the IGPs on the old G chipsets, the i3 has one comparable to an AMD 3200, an ATI 4350 would probably be a bit stronger, and im not sure if nvidia has made something that goes that low recently.

    For a notebook, if it doesnt come with an IGP it will come with a GPU significantly stronger than any of those IGPs.
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