Which HDD to make my main?

Hi guys! I'm new here and fairly new to computers...

so i recently built my own rig and i was running a WD caviar blue, and just recently I picked up a WD caviar black since it was on sale and i need more storage space lol. i hear about people running games off their WD Black, and that got me thinking to what they mean by that. are they simply running their OS on a different HDD and running games off their secondary? Or are they running everything off of one drive?

also, if anyone has any ideas to optimize this for me.. that'd be awesome.
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  1. Running games on a seperate hard drive probably won't make much difference unless one of them is a SSD or you put your games on a RAID 0 (which I don't recommend). You can install your OS to one drive, then when installing games, select a different drive to install to.
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