AMD Phenom X4, 965 or 955

What are the difference between these two? I know that the 965 has 3.4 GHz while the 955 has 3.2 GHz. But is that really that much? Is the 965 worth the extra money? Will it live longer in the evolving gaming world, or will they become outdated the same time?

What would you suggest?
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  1. I've never overclocked anything, so there is really no point in getting the 965 over the 955 then?
  2. How much is the difference in price?
  3. About 200 Swedish crowns. That's 21 €.
  4. They are the same CPU. The only difference is the 965 is a factory overclocked version. If you feel comfortable about overclocking then get the 955 and save the money, but if you don't want to OC, then go ahead and the get the 965. There is very little perfomance difference though... You will see no difference in games, and if you do it will be by a few FPS.

    And don't get a AMD six core... I have several reasons :), if you are interested i can link you to my unfinished site ( because im poor and i dont have time to write HTML haha). If you really want performance then go for the I7 930. I have a list of CPUs on the site too (Pretty much accurate) that lists them in order of how powerfull they are.

    So i would get the Intel I7 930 since it is only 288 (From the 300 for the 920), but if you don't have the cash then go for the AMD OR the Intel I5 750. My reasons are because of how far AMD is going down in price and Intel isn't, then i would stick with the AMD.

    Again :lol: if you want that link (Or anyone else) i ll link it here! (It is in its baby stages so i think there a few missing CPU's and there are several out of order...
  5. Thanks for the answers. I think I'll get the 965, it's a small amount of money more and I really don't want to overclock.

    And I can't afford an Intel Core i7, if I were to get one of those instead of the 965, I'd go way over my budget.
  6. Save the $ and get the 955 -- it is the exact same CPU except is set up with a multiplier that is decreased by 1 in the BIOS (takes 2 seconds to make 1 change in the BIOS and you have the exact performance as the 965 ( Simply change the CPU multiplier to x17 for 3.4 Ghz. instead of x16 for the 3.2Ghz. and save)
  7. ^+1

    Marzillius, it's much harder to make an account on Tomshardware than to overclock a AMD Black Edition CPU.
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