ASUS p8p67 multiple screens? Good mobo?

So I'm building a new computer head to toe. I have never built one before and Im worried about getting the right mobo. Ive been looking at the ASUS p8p67 Pro on and I dont know if this is a good motherboard. I want to set-up multi-screens (two screens to be exact). One is a monitor (23") and the other is a tv (26"). I noticed that the mobo does not have an hdmi port so I cant hook it up to my tv. Also I noticed my tv has a RGB port, but the ASUS p8p67 does not. How would I hook up my monitor and my tv for multiple screens? I can give you more details for my tv if you need. If you know of any other mobo's that are good for around the same price please let me know, my friend works for a computer company and he doesnt trust ASUS and was weary about me getting one. I dont want to spend more than $175. Also I plan to OC my His Radeon HD 6950 and my i5-2500k and use multi-screens...
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    Video outputs come out of the video card, the p67 cannot output video. If you're not going to crossfire, then you could save money on a regular p8p67 or another board. The Asus pro or Asrock extreme4 are usually recommended on this forum for sli/cf, non sli/cf include, msi gd43, or gigabyte ud3.
  2. ur choice of motherboard is fine, it will give you room to expand the system, but the question ur asking has to do with video cards more than the mobo, ur cpu choice should be fine too .. depends how much you're going to be doing with it... if its gaming, might be a bit short on the cpu to run dual video outputs
  3. Thanks guys, I feel kind of dumb for asking haha. But I'm glad I know :)
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  5. The P8P67 Pro will cost ya $159.99 if ya count the $20 discount you'd get buying the combo with the 2500k

    If buying at newegg, at that price, it's hard to consider anything else.

    Seems ya got ya answer on the connectors question.
  6. I just built my new PC using this motherboard and got a Nvida 550 graphics card to set up my 2 monitors... works perfect.
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