XFX 5850 <300 USD

Decided to buy one today and found it at newegg for 289.99 (24 hour sale) + free 3 day shipping.

Just thought I'd let you helpful ppl know about it.

I looked at XFX's website to research the model ...after I bought it :fou: (my scared face)
It looks identical to the one I see at my local stores, but they have different modal numbers

Does anyone with knowledge of XFX know what the difference is between the
XFX HD-585A-ZNFC and the XFX HD-585X-ZNFV (I bought this one)


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  1. hmmm

    excuse my ignorance, what is PCB?

    More importantly is the ZNFC WORTH an extra 30 USD (if its quieter its worth it to me b/c of my sleeping problem)?
    ...I believe I can still cancel that order
  2. Being able to bump up the voltage is a nice feature but if you already bought the other one don't worry about it too much. You should still be able to OC by over 20% which while low for this card is still very good compared to most cards.
    BTW you used the greater than symbol in the thread title so you are actually indicating the card costs more than $300.
  3. Thank you for such a fast response ...to be honest I get a little nervous about 'saving money' ...I already canceled it.

    I do like to play around with OC ...and probably will at some point.

    I'll pay the extra $ and not have to check rather the temps on the rise while playing.
  4. If you like to OC and are willing to pay a bit more then get the card Timop mentioned as it is generally considered the nicest HD5850 around. It is out of stock on newegg at them moment but is available elsewhere;
    Here is a review;
  5. I don't like the A version which exhausts air into the case instead of outside
  6. An open design often actually cools the card better and isn't a problem if your case has good airflow.
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