Faulty new mobo? Please help!!!

Hey guys, I've been having some problems with my new build lately. I'll just list the specs first.

Asus P8H67-M PRO

Intel i5 2400 3.1GHz Sandy Bridge CPU

2x4GB Corsair Vengeance DD3 1600

CoolerMaster Extreme Power Plus 550W

Sapphire Vapor X HD 5770 1GB

500GB hard drive and asus cd/dvd drive

The problems I've been getting are numerous. First, the Channel B RAM slots dont work. I know that the RAM is 1600 and the mobo supports 1333 but shouldn't they still work? I tried putting in both sticks for dual channel mem but my PC won't post and I get no signal on the monitor. I tried using just one stick in Channel B but I get the same problem. So right now I'm using a ram stick on the Channel A slots closest to the CPU.

Also, my GPU is not working. I plugged it in, checked the power connectors and everything, but I also don't get a signal. The GPU and everything else turns on, but strangely I can hear Windows 7 load up but I can't see anything. I've tried HDMI, DVI and VGA to no success. I checked my BIOS and all the settings are right too. But either way I've sent it back for a refund ( I thought it was the GPU first that was bad).

Another problem is the random rebooting the PC does. Whenever I turn it on, whether I've disconnected the power cable and reconnected for a fresh start up, the PC starts up, then after 5-10 seconds it reboots, and it doesn't post either. When it reboots, a red LED light stays on for the RAM, so I click on MemOK for the mobo to fix the ram issue. Once that happens, it reboots and starts up again.

Can anyone help me out here? I'm thinking it's either the PSU or the mobo, or both. The PSU is 70% certified, but it should be able to handle everything IMO. But I guess the random restarts are caused by it.

Please give me some ideas. I'm thinking of sending back the mobo and PSU and two new ones instead.
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  1. I also ran SpeedFan to check my voltages and temps and it says my CPU is at 80 degrees celcius!!! isn't that ridiculous? I have the NZXT phantom with like 5 fans but I'm using a stock intel CPU cooler it still shouldn't be that high.

    Also, my PSU voltages are too low. For the 12V its reading 6.7V so thats already bad i guess.
  2. no one? =(
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    That temp is way of, what does it say in BIOS? CM PSU's are hit and miss specially the cheaper ones, I would swap it out for this one from Antec
    If you cant get the B channel to work RMA of the board is in order!
  4. Hey thank you so much for replying. I've been going crazy haha.

    I checked my BIOS it said the temp is 60. I also checked with another program that said 65. I read that Speedfan is not very useful and shows some wrong temps sometimes.

    I have ordered an Antec Earthwatts 650W 80 plus certified.

    I ordered my mobo from NCIX, but it seems like they will only do a repair and it will take like 3 weeks (I live in Hamilton,ON).

    I'm thinking would it be better if order a new Mobo from Newegg and RMA this one for a repair anyway then sell it? Also do you think the GPU problem I desribed earlier is a faulty GPU or maybe the PCI-E slot died? Either way looks like I need a mobo.
  5. That EA650 is a good PSU! On a new motherboard a repair is unacceptable should only be swapped with a new board (therefore I use newegg)!
    It is hard to say anything about the GPU until the board is fixed, if possible you could try it in a different computer.
  6. I know I figured I'll upgrade to a better GPU in the future anyways( for BF3 :D ) so I might as well get a good decent PSU for now.

    I don't like NCIX they take waaaayyy too long to process and ship orders, and usually make mistakes in shipping. I've sent in an RMA request, when it gets accepted I'm sending this mobo back and ordering an Asus P8P67 from Newegg. Hopefully it will work. I have spent close to $2000 on everything so far including speakers,monitor etc so I'm stressing out haha. Thanks for the help though!
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  8. So you still don't know what was wrong and your going to RMA the motherboard, psu, and graphics card? LOL

    How is that solved??
  9. just rma'ing the mobo. psu already isn't good enough as you can see, not giving enough juice. i havent sent the card back yet so im keeping it now that the mobo will get repaired.
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