Does the memory type affect Physx ?

Hi Folks

I Have Sapphire HD5850 CF, and i need a physx card.

I've decided on GT240.

The question is : to get the DDR3 or the DDR5 ?? does the memory type has any impact on physx usage ?

thanks everyone.
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  1. BUMP
  2. DDR3 -> DDR5 is a noticeable difference, and would be worth it. Keep in mind for PhysX you can use lower-end cards such as an 8800 or a 9600 series.
  3. So the difference would be noticeable in PhysX ??

    I have A 8800GTS G92, but I Need something with a small power usage, to use besides my 2 HD5850.

    thanks you for replying, much appreciated.
  4. Ah..small the cast a 9600GT ECO or a GT240 would indeed be your best bet.
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