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PSU for GTX 260 SLI, help

Is this PSU okay for gtx 260 sli in my machine?
or could someone recommend a lower cost/ higher quality solution?

Here are my specs:

AMD Athlon II X2 240
6 gigabytes of 667mhz ddr2
600w cheapo PSU
gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
Hitachi 1 tb hd 7200rpm
dell 22" lcd 1920X1080
6 120 mm case fans
Thermaltake r1 CPU cooler
Thermaltake V3 CASE
BFG gtx 260 core 216
Lite-on DVD drive OD

your help is very much appreciated, Thanks
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  1. The Apevia is a relatively low quality PSU of obsolete design. So youare planning on replacing a cheapo 600 watt PSU with a cheapo 700 watt PSU?

    The Corsair is a much better PSU.
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    I highly recommend you to buy a quality PSU. A low quality PSU can become a nightmare.
    Two GTX460 in SLI need around 300W for themshelves. Therefore, a quality 600W PSU with four 6-pin PCIe connectors is recommended.
    Here you have some good options:

    XFX XXX Edition 650W (by Seasonic) For 82$ (shipping included) [...] 6817207007
    Reviews: [...] age625.htm

    Another good options are the following ones:

    ANTEC TruePower New 650W (by Seasonic) (modular)
    CORSAIR HX650W (by Seasonic) (modular)
    ENERMAX LibertyEcoII (ELT620AWT-ECO II) 620W (modular)
    ENERMAX Pro82+ II (EPR625AWT II) 625W
    ENERMAX Modu82+ II (EMD625AWT II) 625W (modular)
    SAPPHIRE FirePSU 625W (by Enermax) (modular)
  3. yeah the corsair is the obvious choice, so you really have to spend the 80-90 for a quality psu it seems, but I'm just trying to cut corners to bring down my overall costs which include a motherboard, power supply, ram, and inevitably a cpu upgrade of some sort.
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  5. Thanks for the recomendations
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